I don’t believe in Organized Religion

A short show that will discuss the major reasons why people have turned away from todays church, and reasons to come back. “I don’t believe in organized religion”

Based on “ReDiscover Church: Ten Reasons Why People Leave and Why They’re Coming Back” by Outreach Publishing

Episodes 1-9

This video shows a summary of 9 episodes already edited and shown on TV. 316 Emmaus Rd is a program that aims to hear stories of Christians who struggle in their journey of life. It gives them opportunities to share with us their challenges and how their faith helped them.

Music & Faith

No one ever disliked music. Ever since we were born, we have been immersed in all kinds of music. Scientists admit that music impacts people. The truth is that God created music. He is the Creator of the Universe after all. How does music impact young people today?

Faith & Divorce

In this program, we will hear stories from various people who went through the pain of divorce. More importantly, they will share how their faith in Jesus has helped them deal with the feelings of rejection and loneliness.

Youth Camp

Why youth camp? Many young people today seek to find the purpose for their lives. Instead, they end up in the wrong places. As a result, they feel emptiness inside them. This program will address the biblical truth that it is Jesus alone who can fill up this vacuum inside.

It is only Jesus that can make us complete. When young people participate in a Christian youth camp, they find a better answer to many of their questions. It is a place to build good relationships but more importantly it is a place where they can make a connection with the great God.

Christianity in the Workplace

Our economy is getting worse. Unemployment, mortgage issues, bankruptcies are common. How should a Christian deal with the challenges of the business world? Hear stories from Christians in business and see how their faith help them deal with the challenges.

Youth & Faith

Young people are faced with all kinds of challenges today. Let’s hear stories from a few and see how their faith helped them.

Love & Marriage

What are the challenges people encounter being married? What if God created marriage to make us holy and not just to make us happy. Let’s hear stories from married couples and see how Jesus helped them in their marriage challenges.

Why Suffering?

What happens when we get sick? 316ER interviews regular folks like us tell their stories on how Jesus help them in their health challenges.

The Immigrants

We are all travelers. Immigrants transfer from one place to another to find a better life, perhaps a better job, a better house, better community. But what really makes life better? The program suggests to immigrants that seeking to be better persons in Jesus is the key to a happier and better life.