About 316er

The title is from Luke 24:13-33. The overall theme of the program is based on the story of Jesus who walked with the disciples and led them to enlightenment.

Based on the biblical story, 316 Emmaus Rd. uses similar principles:

Jesus came along side and walked with the disciples. The program through the guidance of Jesus will come along side and work with the fellow “travelers” in faith.

Though Jesus knew their need, He allowed them to verbalize it. The show will discover the challenges and needs of immigrants and fellow sojourners and encourage them to give their personal stories.

Jesus revealed Himself through the Word. After the interviews, the show through our host, Bermie Dizon, will address the problem and show answers from the Word of God.

In the story, Jesus stayed with them until their hearts were “burning” within them. The program aims to address all kinds of challenges facing Christians and the viewers as a whole, showing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer and solution to questions and problems.

It is the hope of the producers and host that the listeners’ “fire” will get rekindled in their hearts. It is also hoped that non-believers will come to see that seeking for a better life is not seeking for a better house, a better car or a better career. What is important is to seek a better life by becoming a better person in Christ.

After their enlightenment, the disciples ran back to Jerusalem, shouting “He’s risen! He’s risen!” 316 Emmaus Rd. is a show that hopes to enable disciples to continue the work that Jesus is doing and to partner with this work in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

316 refers to John 3:16. This verse, in a nutshell, describes the good news of Jesus Christ. The only way and solution to all the issues we go through is having a relationship with Jesus.